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How To Easily (In Just A Few Clicks) Export Thunderbird Emails To Pst.

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How to export Thunderbird emails to PST?

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free source email client for Windows, MAC, and Unix like systems. As you know, the data of the Thunderbird profile is saved in the MBOX file. (.mbox) file is used by many emails clients to save data to email in the user local system. Mozilla Thunderbird MBOX has no extension behind it.

The Outlook is a paid desktop-based email client that uses OST and PST files to store user data in uses system. PST (personal storage table) is also called the default file of MS Outlook because Outlook accepts and import data in .pst format only.

As Outlook is superior from Thunderbird in many cases, so many Thunderbird users look to migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook. But this migration process is not so easy, because as we see Thunderbird support MBOX and on the other hand Outlook accepts data in the PST file.

So to export data from Thunderbird to Outlook, you first need to convert TB MBOX data in Outlook PST format. And in this blog, I am going to tell you how you can do it with ease and full safety of data. I am going to explain 2 methods to migrate TB data to PST 1 – Manual Method 2 – Professional tool Method.

So let's get started –

Content of the blog
1 – Manual process to export emails from Thunderbird.
2 – Best Professional tool to convert TB MBOX to PST.

Manual Process
In the manual process, the user has to drag and drop the Mozilla Thunderbird emails from Eudora to the local folder of the Windows machine and the dropped emails will be saved in .eml file format. EML is the file format in which data of a single email message is stored. In other words, you can say that data of a complete TB profile is saved in the MBOX file format and data of a single email message is store in EML file format.

Follow these following steps –
1 – Make a new folder on your desktop or any local folder and name it as per your choice.
2 – Open Thunderbird Application and select an email message that you want to export from Thunderbird.
3 – Now drag all the emails to the new folder.

The next step is to drop all emails from the folder to MS Outlook.

1 – Open MS Outlook
2 – Drag all Emails from the folder to MS Outlook

Note – This method is easy but is not effective because it is very time consuming as the size of the MBOX file is large in normal cases. on the other hand, there are chances of losing data and change in the data property.

So it is beneficial to go with a Third-party professional tool to export Thunderbird profile

A third-party tool to export Thunderbird emails to PST.
MailsSoftware Thunderbird to Outlook converter is specially designed with rich algorithms to handle this kind of complex conversion process. This utility migrates the complete data of TB MBOX in its actual property to the PST file format.

How to export Thunderbird to Outlook with this tool –
First, download the software from MailsSoftware official website >> install and run it in your system.

1 – Click on Add File >> Choose Mozilla Thunderbird >> Click Auto Load.

When the TB MBOX file is loaded, it scans by the tool then you can see its complete data with actual property.

2 – Click Export Button >> Choose “PST as an export option.”

3 – Provide Naming Conversion >> Give Destination >> Click Export.

After that, the migration process starts and the complete data of TB MBOX is converted in PST. Now you can easily import this PST on MS Outlook.

Features of MailsSoftware Thunderbird to Outlook Converter
  • Export Thunderbird profile to Outlook PST in just 3 simple clicks.
  • Scan the complete TB MBOX and repair all its bugs.
  • Show Thunderbird profile contents in its actual property.
  • Maintain the proper hierarchy of all folders & subfolders during the preview.
  • Convert TB MBOX to PST, EML, MSG, MHTML, HTML and RTF file format.
  • Provide a fully compatible UNICODE PST file which is useable in any Outlook version.
  • Specially programmed for Windows OS and supports all Windows versions.

Why this export Thunderbird emails to PST tool is best
As we all know that there is much software available in the market which provides this kind of conversion facility. But MailsSoftware provides one of the best solutions to the users because of many reasons.

1 – All its software is developed after deep research on users' problems.

2 – Before launching the products they are tested on various corrupted and damaged TB MBOX.

3 – For providing high value to customers, the company has launched a free demo version of its products. The demo version shows the complete data, and migrates the first 20 emails from all folders, in this way you can test the working of the software & also get familiar with all its features.

You can download the free trial version from MailsSoftware official website.

Pricing of the export emails from Thunderbird tool –
Personal Pack ($49) - for 2 Computers
Business Pack ($139) - for 50 Computers
Enterprise Pack ($299) - for 100 Computers

Conclusion –
I hope this blog helps you to export Thunderbird emails to PST. My advice is you can first try the manual process if it succeeds then fine. Otherwise, you can use MailsSoftware Thunderbird to Outlook converter. The best practice is to first download its free demo version, and after testing it, if you are satisfied with it. You can purchase its full active version.

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