What is Revolut and who is it for?

What is Revolut? What does it offer? What are the pros and cons?

We will not get into which bank is the best, or whether Revolut is better than Slovenian banks. The intention is not to denigrate one or the other, but to point out the strengths that might benefit… More
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How to secure passwords?

According to the latest research, the average user has more than 100 passwords or 100 different accounts. It is impossible to remember the correct password and username for each account. ... More
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What is the state of preparedness in companies for cyber threats?

Passivity is most punishable in cyber environments. Cyber threats are constantly changing, advancing and becoming more and more diverse. More
The issue of security is always topical. How to stay safe online? What is the easiest way to identify online fraud?

How to recognize online fraud?

Anyone can be a target of online fraud. Scams can lurk around every corner, even in a Facebook message from a friend or an SMS message from a supposedly legitimate sender. ... More
Even toothbrushes can be a cyber hazard

Even toothbrushes can be a cyber hazard

Security experts have warned that millions of toothbrushes infected with viruses could be used in a large-scale cyber attack. With toothbrushes that are connected... More
What is CAPTCHA? How does it know you're not a robot?

What is CAPTCHA? How does it know you're not a robot?

Do the boxes where you have to click to prove you're not a robot go to "liver"? You're not the only one, but we still need them to stay safe online. More
Google is introducing "passkeys" as the default login method

Google is introducing "passkeys" as the default login method

Of course, the new default login method will not come overnight, but according to Google, it should significantly change the "rules of the game" in the area of device security, user accounts... More
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Leading companies agree on safeguards to manage artificial intelligence

The White House announced that seven leading companies in the field of artificial intelligence have committed to managing the risks posed by the new technology. This will include… More
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Scientists are researching to understand artificial intelligence

Researchers have developed an innovative method for evaluating how artificial intelligence (AI) understands data, improving transparency and confidence in diagnostic and predictive... More