Replaceable batteries for electric cars are also exciting in Europe

Replaceable batteries for electric cars are also exciting in Europe

There are currently 50 battery replacement stations for NIO electric cars in Europe. These are currently available in Germany and Norway. More
Apple Vision Pro finally available in Europe

Apple Vision Pro finally available in Europe

Apple's VR product launched in Europe last week, and expectations for the device are about as high as the price. More
Is this really the beginning of a new chapter for artificial intelligence computers?

ASUS Vivobook S 15 in the Copilot+ test - a good start, but still a lot of work to do

On test is the new ASUS Vivobook S 15 computer with an emphasis on artificial intelligence and the new Snapdragon X Elite chip. More
Photo: Honor

Honor Magic V3: the best foldable phone by far?

When preparing the Magic V3 phone, Honor paid a lot of attention to the design, which can be seen at first glance. This is a beautiful foldable phone. For starters, it's very slim, measuring just... More

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Experts worry that artificial intelligence will bring more inequality

The International Monetary Fund says that artificial intelligence has huge potential to boost productivity and develop public services, but they are also worried that it will bring big changes... More

All Copilot+ computers introduced so far

There are some differences between them, but they share an allegiance to Microsoft's Copilot artificial intelligence and the new Qualcomm processor. More

Adobe also under scrutiny

The US government is suing Adobe for allegedly hiding expensive fees and making it difficult to cancel subscriptions. In a complaint filed in mid-June, the Ministry of Justice claims that... More

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Another speaker on the test bench. This time the JBL Flip 6

I've been listening to music for the past few weeks. I got quite a few JBL speakers, from the most compact ones to a huge party speaker. More

Bluetooth speaker JBL Charge 5 tested - reliable, melodious and portable

Portable Bluetooth speakers abound. The JBL company alone has as many as 5 portable Bluetooth speakers in the Charge series. I also tested the last in the series – the JBL Charge 5. More

The winners of the 33rd Slovenian Advertising Festival are known

The two-day festival event of the 33rd SOF, which was attended by as many as 1,300 people in the Portorož Auditorium on June 6 and 7, was rounded off by the Golden Night with the presentation of awards. More

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Ferrari is intensively preparing for the first electric car

In 2019, they presented their first hybrid car, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, with three electric motors and a V8 engine with a total power of 986 horsepower. Since then, however, they have not been able to prepare... More

The iconic DeLorean has gone electric

Who doesn't remember the iconic car from the Back to the Future movies? Electrogenic has revealed a plug-and-play DeLorean DMC-12 conversion kit that... More

Cars gained 400 kilograms in 7 years

The average weight of new cars thus grew from 1553 kg to 1947 kg. More

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Tricks for Samsung Galaxy phones. You definitely don't know everyone yet

We have looked for some interesting options offered by Samsung Galaxy phones. You definitely don't know everyone yet. More

Would you like to spice up Facebook Messenger? We found some tricks

Which messaging app do you use most often? WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Viber or Facebook Messenger? More

The Truth About Blue Light Glasses You Probably Didn't Know!

"By 2050, nearly 5 billion people will be myopic". How can we prevent this? More

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Let the new adventure in the land of Tural begin

Yesterday, July 2, SQUARE ENIX unveiled a new Dawntrail expansion, the fifth in a row, for the popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Online. The plugin is available on all platforms… More

Multiple Assassin's Creed remakes in development

Just which one will they start with? Perhaps a pirate-tinged Black Flag? Or the story of the Italian charmer Ezio? More

New Mario game for Nintendo Switch

Given the popularity of the character and how important he is to the popularity of the Nintendo Switch console, you'd expect to see a new game featuring the Italian plumber almost every year. Mary... More