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05.06.2024 11:00

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Meta's VR glasses received significant fixes

Meta's VR glasses received significant fixes

The biggest reason to buy the Meta Quest 3 VR glasses over its predecessors is the way the glasses display the real and virtual world. However, so far they have had quite a few problems with displaying human hands and the world around them. Gestures were not always reliable either.

Now Meta fixes both problems. With the new update (v66), users can click a new button on their wrist that will bring up the main menu anywhere and instantly. Judging by the shots, it also works, they greatly reduced the distortion of the image.

Additionally, Meta says that the appropriate sound will now be played when multitasking. "You can now launch a 2D application such as a browser, play music or video, and minimize the application without automatically pausing," the company's blog post said.

The passthrough fixes are currently exclusive to Quest 3. Meta says they're rolling them out slowly and that they're technically separate from the v66 version, but the wrist buttons and background sound will also be available for Quest 2 and Quest Pro. Meta is also adding "high definition" Netflix support to its web browser.

The full changelog also mentions minor updates, such as the ability to hide any app in the library for a clearer view, the ability to automatically identify windows, doors, tables, couches, beds, and screens in real space "to improve realism in games and mixed reality apps," and the possibility of synchronizing photos and videos from the glasses to the online gallery.

The "Sleep" function should also be improved, which will consume less energy during rest.

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