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04.06.2024 17:03

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MrBeast finally became the most popular YouTube channel in the world

With his opulent videos in which followers compete for enormous cash prizes, he has surpassed 266 million subscribers and established himself at the top of YouTube channels.
Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

Jimmy Donaldson, the man behind the world-renowned channel known for its challenges and extravagant rewards, announced on social network X that MrBeast's YouTube channel has surpassed 266 million subscribers. With this, it overtook T-Series, the most popular Indian music channel to date. At the time of writing, the number of subscribers has reached 269 million, while the T-Series stands at 266 million.

"After six years, we finally got our revenge on Pewdiepie", Jimmy wrote on Sunday. By that, of course, he was referring to another world-famous YouTuber, Felix Kjellberg, known as PewDiePie. Until 2019, when it was overtaken by the previously mentioned T-Series, it held the first place in terms of the number of subscribers on YouTube for quite some time.

Donaldson managed to overtake the T-Series channel, making a really big leap. Many content creators, not only on YouTube, but also on other platforms, at some point in their careers have fallen into a "crisis" and the number of followers and subscribers has started to decline. MrBeast somehow managed to avoid this.

He has been creating YouTube videos since 2012, and since then he has managed to grow into a successful business story. He is the owner of Feastables chocolate bars and fast food restaurants MrBeast Burger. There is an interesting story related to these, in which Donaldson sued the company behind the MrBeast Burger chain, as their "terrible quality" of burgers was allegedly damaging his brand.

Recently, Donaldson announced another big news, which is that he has signed a contract with Amazon. For Amazon Prime, he will create a show called "Beast Games", in which 1,000 people will compete for a prize of 5 million US dollars.

The YouTuber told Time Magazine in February that he earns between $600 and $700 million a year, but he doesn't consider himself rich because he invests all his earnings in videos.

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